I began practicing yoga over 10 years ago for the physical benefits of the practice, and since becoming fully immersed in the training and the literature introduced in my 200 hour yoga teacher certification at Inner Peace, I have become passionate about the ethical and mental aspect of yoga as well, realizing more and more the importance of concentrating on what yoga can bring to the development and expression of the qualities of the heart and the mind beyond the physical asana.

I truly believe that yoga helps us to see the opportunity and life potential that we are given in every moment. Yoga has allowed me to transform every challenge I am faced with, bringing clarity through meditation, relieving anxiety through breath, and creating calmness with mantras and affirmation. It is this passion for yoga that I hope to share to allow each of you to bring this shift to your own consciousness and be the person you want to be on and off your yoga mat. I am so happy to be a part of the strong and inclusive community here at Inner Peace, and I look forward to sharing my passion through the classes I have the pleasure of guiding you in.

About Us


We are located at 1608 Landa St. Come to back yard and then to back studio.