Jennelle is a practical and soulful yoga therapist who empowers others to uncover their resilience and innate knowing through their bodies. She wants to work with people who are motivated to engage in the uncomfortable yet valuable work of necessary change.

Through life experience and steady practice Jennelle finds both value in and has a capacity to hold space for varied perspectives and truths.
She has been an engineer, a stay-at home mom, suffered sever mental illness, still struggles with chronic tension, and trained as a yogi in a few different schools of yoga.
She found Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, PRYT, to be the first community she was able to show up fully as herself. She was also enabled to shift trauma into post-traumatic growth.

Jennelle has practiced yoga for 15 years, been a facilitator of yoga classes for 8 years, and two years ago became a Yoga Therapist through the established school of PRYT. She offers both private sessions and groups in Saskatoon, and is currently an assistant mentor for one of the PRYT programs.

Jennelle facilitates not as expert on you what you need, but instead as an expert of a process of transformation, empowerment, and meaning. She asks that you bring some curiosity and listen to yourself first, though not only.

much love


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