Daniel has been studying and practicing Yoga intentionally since 2005. Daniel’s primary Yoga influences have been in the Kripalu, Iyengar, and Jivamukti lineages.

He completed his 200+ hour Teacher Training with Jan Henrikson/Joos Yoga (Jivamukti lineage) in 2012 and has been teaching steadily since. He also completed a one year+ apprenticeship with Joos Yoga in 2013. He began sharing this humbling and beautiful practice in Yoga studios, one on one private instruction, and in corporate settings. He firmly believes that the practice of Yoga is available to everyone, irrespective of apparent differences.

When we surrender the ego and practice for the sake of another, with devotion and the elevated intention of reducing suffering, then Yoga is attainable, transformation occurs, and all becomes possible.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

Daniel is deeply grateful to all his teachers, near and far, who have provided him with such inspirational and loving instruction.

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We are located at 1608 Landa St. Come to back yard and then to back studio.