Hi, I'm Chantelle Butterfield, a mother, wife, animal lover, traveler, sister, auntie, gardener, owner of Funktional Space Interior Decorating, vegan, foodie, artist, and a yogi. I'm loving life and living it as ahimsa/non-harming as I can!

I first found yoga, after our son was born almost 21 years ago. As a kitchen designer with lots of math in my head, I wanted time for me, so I could be a better mom and person. I didn't plan on teaching until we retired and became gypsies, but I took my 200 Hour teaching course and now enjoy teaching. Hubby and I are renovating a vintage 1974 Airstream camper with a plan to travel and see the world, nice and slow and in comfort and I knew yoga would fit in with that plan. We've been married 27 years (2020) and share our home and Airstream with our little Yorkie, Tika and if you haven't heard of Tika yet, we may not have met, lol. We do a lot together and Tika brings a lot to each and every adventure, big or small.

I incorporate yoga in almost everything I do, hiking, sitting, standing, waiting, washing the dishes, walking, there are so many times a day I remind myself to think about my ribs, softening my knees, where can I release tension? I believe it's called a yoga practice because it's never meant to be perfect, with new beginnings each and every time we step on our mats. Yoga for me is strength, breath, friends, meditations, sound, movement, health, healing, reflection, karma, balance, awareness, on and off the mat, inside and out. I love the yoga community and often find myself in deep, wonderful, colourful conversations with like-minded people.
I look forward to what we can learn and share from each other.



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We are located at 1608 Landa St. Come to back yard and then to back studio.